About Us

SOL is a series of video lessons which support successful learning for Scottish children and young people from early years to Higher.

Our video lessons make learning outside the classroom simple and easy with each lesson delivered by a member of our outstanding Scottish teacher team. As Scottish Education Professionals, we are passionate about narrowing Scotland's Attainment gap among young people, which is why our offline learning platform is accessible to all.

Each lesson is presented in a video format that is written and taught by a teacher currently teaching in Scotland. Our teachers will both visually and audibly go over each lesson covering all subjects as well as setting tasks to be completed throughout. This method has shown to be most effective in keeping both young children and young adults engaged in lessons.

All children learn in their own way. SOL is available 24/7, and gives the ability to pause, rewind and replay any lesson. This allows young people the ability to study at their own pace, removing the stress many young people feel. Thus, SOL promotes Equity in Learning