History - Broad General education (BGE) level 3/4 Index

Online Lessons for Students in Scotland learning broad general education History

  • Understanding Time
  • Categorising Events and Using Sources
  • Housing
  • Food & Farming
  • Religion
  • Describe and Explain
  • Comparing Sources
  • Economic Change
  • Music and Fashion
  • Protest and Civil Rights 

Understanding time: In this lesson learn about the different concepts of time, understand chronological order and learn to identify the correct century historical events took place.

Categorising events using sources:  Find out about different historical sources and how you can be a historian.

Ancient Civilisations (Celts and Egyptians)

Housing: Ever wondered how our ancestors lived in the distant past and what exactly home-sweet -home looked like thousands of years ago? In this lesson learn the features of Egyptian housing and Celtic housing. Compare the different types of housing used by ancient civilisations.

Food and farming: Original farmers developed crops and animals that grew and thrived in different environments. In this lesson learn about the methods of Celtic food and methods of farming and hunting. Also learn about the methods of Egyptian food and methods of farming and hunting. You will then be able to compare and contrast the Celtic and Egyptian food and diets.

Religion: In this lesson learn about Celtic and Egyptian religious beliefs and practices. You will then be able to compare and contrast Celtic and Egyptian religions and practices.


Describe and explain: In this lesson develop understanding of the difference between ‘describe’ and ‘explain’ and how to successfully describe historical events.

Comparing sources: In this lesson develop skills of source comparison, understand the structure of source comparison and successfully answer a source comparison question.


Economic change: In this lesson learn how people’s lives changed in the 1960s, interpret data, present it in a bar chart and learn to successfully answer ‘describe’ questions.

Music and fashion: In this lesson learn about some of the social and cultural changes for people in the 1960s, discover why music and fashion became important aspects of life for young people and compare music from the 1960s to your favourite modern-day music.

Protest and civil rights: In this lesson learn about some of the changes in the political environment in the 1960s, understand why protesting was so important in the 1960s society and learn some of the key participants in the civil-rights movement.

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