Geography - Broad General Education (BGE) level 3/4 Index

Online Lessons for Students in Scotland learning Broad general education Geography

  • Atlas and OS map skills
  • Weather and Climate
  • Geography of United Kingdom
  • Cities
  • Biomes
  • Farming
  • Development
  • Earth Forces

In this lesson further understand how to use an atlas, websites and navigation apps.

Learn about weather describes the day-to-day condition of the atmosphere and climate – average weather conditions over longer periods and over large areas.

In this lesson learn about how the world’s weather is dependent on several major atmospheric and ocean circulation systems. You will be taught about the four main controlling factors.

The climate of a place will be different when compared to another. In this lesson learn about the general factors that can be identified as affecting climate.

Learn about eography in the UK.

In this lesson learn about physical geography and geology which examines how the Earth’s surface is shaped by natural and human processes.

In this lesson further develop your understanding of population distribution and density. You will be taught about how population is changing around the world.

Urban areas are growing rapidly. Learn about a range of opportunities and challenges presented by cities.

Learn about the major types of biomes – groupings of terrestrial ecosystems on a given continent that is similar in vegetation structure, physiognomy, features of the environment.

In this lesson learn about the major types of biomes – Savannah, Desert, Rainforest and Tundra.

Learn how farming has modernised to meet the demands of a larger and more urban lifestyle.

All food makes a journey from source to consumer. This journey is calculated in food miles.

Learn about the standard of living – the level of wealth, comfort, material goods, and necessities available to a certain socioeconomic class or geographic area.

In this lesson learn about the different levels of development and interdependence.

Learn about tectonic plates – pieces of the rocky outer layer of the Earth known as the crust and the effect that they can have.

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