SOL for Schools / Teachers

SOL for children and young people: SOL are pre-recorded, video lessons from P1 to S6 with clear explanation and direction.

They are aligned to the CfE and are available to most learners, including those who would benefit from additional support outside the classroom. As the lessons can be viewed 24/7 they promote equity of learning, as young people can learn at their own pace and at a times that suits them

There is a mobile app for the lessons, where up to 10 lessons can be downloaded and used offline.

SOL for Schools and Teachers

  • SOL supports interrupted learners and those who find it challenging to learn in a classroom setting.
  • Due to the font size, spacing and colours used, SOL is also accessible to learners who are neurodivergent
  • Schools can use SOL as a coherent resource for pupils to use at home in partnership with individual support through the school
  • Provides materials for non-specialist cover staff, and allows continuity of education.
  • Helps facilitate multi-level teaching in the classroom
  • A comprehensive index of lessons to aid planning for student teachers and Probationers
  • Positively impacts on learning at home for those children who may not have strong family support

Costs to schools : Each licence is £50 for the year and will cover all lessons from early level through to senior phase. One licence can be used on 2 devices at the same time, eg 16 licences can be used for a class of 32 pupils. Many schools use their PEF funding to give individual licences to pupils who would benefit from SOL due to personal circumstances or learning challenges.

Schools taking more than 20 licences can pay £5 per month for each licence and can pause or cancel payments over holiday periods. Contact

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