Business Management - Broad general education (bGE) level 3/4

Online Lessons for Students in Scotland learning broad general education Business Management

  • Role of a Business
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Ethics and Fairtrade
  • Equality
  • International Trade
  • Budgeting

In this lesson you will learn about the entrepreneur, learning about different entrepreneurial characteristics, including the ability to spot opportunities and gaps in the market. You will also be taught about the business planning process involved in entrepreneurship.

Businesses can choose to work in a way that profits only the owners or in ways that benefit the community. Working ethically means acting in ways that are both fair and honest. Ethical businesses try to keep the impact of their operations on the environment to a minimum. In this lesson learn about ethical behaviour and costs and benefits of ethical business in addition to costs and benefits of Fairtrade activities.

In this lesson learn why businesses need to ensure they are following the rules and regulations outlined in current employment legislation. You will be taught why employment legislation has a direct effect on the day-to-day running of a business.

In business, globalisation means operating on an international scale to provide or produce goods and services. Almost all the goods we use are made of parts sourced from around the world. In this lesson you will learn about the impact of globalisation on businesses.

In this lesson learn about the fundamentals of budgeting in business, which is listing and planning estimated income and spending. You will be taught how this allows businesses to make informed choices regarding spending and saving.

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